TheWorstHeadache.com is proud to welcome you to a blog about Brain Aneurysm Awareness and Support.  We like to say awareness begins with our name.

Many survivors of ruptured brain aneurysms report that the onset of the rupture felt like the worst headache ever.  Those who know that that headache is a sign to get to the hospital immediately have a much better chance of survival than those who ignore that headache.  Headaches never feel good, but the headache that accompanies a brain bleed is like no other and can be the symptom that points informed individuals to the proper help.

In this blog I will share with you what I experienced when my mother suffered a brain aneurysm in the Summer of 2016.  Like most people, I had very little information about what an aneurysm was.  I had to learn on the fly, and I wished there was a place that I could go for information and support.  Now that my mother is thriving I have decided to share our story in hopes that it can help others.  Please subscribe to keep up with TheWorstHeadache.com.